Scrotum Stretching-How To Stretch Scrotum-How To Do Scrotum Stretches
If you want low hanging testicles then scrotum stretching can work for you.

First and foremost you will need a device to assist you with the stretching of your scrotum. The one that I personally use now and have had the greatest success with is the Two Stage Isolator and would highly recommend it to everyone wanting to do scrotum stretches. You can find it at Click Here!. There are also other devices that you can use if you like, everyone has their own preferences, these other devices can be found at Click Here 

After you have your device you will need to regiment a regular routine of scrotum stretching. This is something that you will have to devote time to and does not happen overnight. I find it best to set an hour or two aside every day, or every second day depending on your schedule. You can do it while watching TV or while you are working. Or any other time you have available to do it. After all you did want to know how to stretch scrotum, and how to do scrotum stretches. The perfect example is if you stretch a balloon it will stretch, but when you release, it will go back to its original shape and size, but if you stretch a balloon over an extended period of time it will remain in that stretched shape. Once in awhile you will have to give it a little stretch to help it stay that way.

Now that you have a device and a set time to stretch your scrotum you are ready to start. I find it best to take a hot shower, use a hot water bottle, or a hot towel to put on my testicles before each session. This will make your testicles drop away from your body in an effort to keep your sperm below 97 degrees and make your testicles more flexible and pliable and much easier to stretch.

As I said earlier this takes time it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen if you are only practicing scrotum stretching for a few minutes each day, it just will not work.

You can NOT speed up the process by using more suction on your two stage isolator, or by using extra weights on your other devices. Doing this will only cause serious injury to you.


There are 2 reasons that I recommend using the Two Stage Isolator. The first is because you control how much suction you apply, so you will not over apply suction because you will feel discomfort, and scrotum stretching should never be uncomfortable. The second reason is that unless you have a large penis and a small scrotum, why would you want to have a large scrotum and small penis. The Two Stage Isolator will stretch both your scrotum and penis at the same time, making your results much more uniform and attractive. To see what I mean check it out at Scrodum Stretcher 

And finally never try this with homemade devices that are not specially made for scrotum stretching, this will only result in injury. If you are serious and really want this to work then do it the safe and right way. And to all you fellow scrotum stretchers out there best of luck, and hopefully I have answered all of your questions about “Scrotum Stretching”,” How To Stretch Scrotum”, and “How To Do Scrotum Stretches”.

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Happy Stretching !